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Every year in the Caribbean region, hundreds of individuals fall victim to crime, workplace violence, stalking, fraud and other acts of targeted aggression. Internationally, incidents of violence against non-Caribbean nationals have been increasing including acts ranging from violent robbery to kidnapping and terrorism. In the response to these threats, our staff of experienced close protection agents and officers use protective strategies based on the world's best practitioners of the various disciplines like the US Secret Service, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Scotland Yard. These methodologies help to ensure the safety of at-risk individuals, by employing meticulous planning, advance preparations, and carefully orchestrated close protection strategies. ASSL bodyguards keep our charges out of harm's way at all times.
Since ASSL was founded in 1983, our close protection agents have participated in hundreds of detailed operations throughout the Caribbean. Our protectees have included corporate executives, attorneys, wealthy families, sports celebrities, movie stars, political figures, and civil rights leaders. In the keeping with Amalgamated's philosophy, all bodyguard services are customized to a client's needs with extensive consideration given the risk, the client's environment, lifestyle, and discretion required.

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