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Canine Security Services

We ProvideCanine Security

Burglar alarms and CCTV are often used as deterrents to crime, but the use of security dogs is often a more efficient way of providing security in protecting property or persons. A patrol dog is psychologically demoralizing for a criminal and at Amalgamated Security we supply fully insured, professional security dogs and handlers trained by our experienced and qualified staff.

A fully trained guard dog and dog handler patrolling your premises on a 24 hour basis can cover the work of several security guards and provide a reliable deterrent to criminal elements. Our canine security teams have been used extensively by a wide variety of commercial and government organizations in Trinidad and Tobago.

In addition to providing guard dog services as part of our overall security services, Amalgamated also offers canine services to homeowners. With approximately 100 years cumulative training among them, our instructors and professionals offer specialized training services for individual dog owners in a number of disciplines ranging, from basic obedience to attack work. Individuals can therefore sign up for our dog training programs for working and protection dogs. We also offer Kennel accommodation facilities and Puppy sales plus pet training.

ASSL offers guard and dog service for static and mobile patrols covering all your security requirements including:


Compound Dogs


Foot and mobile patrolling officers with canine unit


Arms and explosives detections, security guards, canine patrols


Narcotics and drug detection


Cadaver Discovery


Search and rescue training


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