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Armed Security Officers

We ProvideArmed Security Officers

Amalgamated Security provides armed security guards in those situations where it is determined that the risk is great enough to warrant the presence of an armed security officer. Before any Amalgamated security officer is assigned to armed security duties, that officer must first receive a precept from the Commissioner of Police which provides evidence that the security officer has an understanding of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago. The security officer then undergoes further specialized firearm training.

Our Company is recognized by the Commissioner of Police as a firearm training institution and so we train our precepted staff in the use of firearms. Security guards desirous of working as an armed security officer also undergo a series of tests that include; eyesight, medical, psychometric, background investigations and police approval.

Regular training programs for Amalgamated Armed Security Guards

Amalgamated armed security guards are required to regularly attend refresher firearm training programs that involve simulations and scenario shooting.

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