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Our ExpertiseClaims Investigation Services

Tragically, many people who have suffered an accident or a loss consider Caribbean insurance firms to be a source of not only recouping their losses or receiving recompense for their injuries, but also a method of making a profit from their losses. The eradication of overstated and fraudulent insurance claims is a priority for us here at ASSL. When it comes to the status of a claimant, we give our insurance customers with accurate and unbiased data that allows them to make educated judgments.
In addition to Investigatiions and subrogation, our Claims Investigation service provides:

  • Investigations and Subrogation
  • Accident and incident scene investigation
  • Fraud and special investigation
  • Motor vehicle property damage and liability investigation
  • Homeowner property damage and liability investigation
  • Commercial property damage and liability investigation
  • Work Comp investigation surveillance
  • Harassment, theft and employee dishonesty
Our claims investigations services benefit claims operations by reducing claim adjustment expense and reducing claim settlement times.

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