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International Valuables Transport

Protect your BusinessInternational Valuables Transport

Regularly companies need to transport valuables across international borders and because international shipments of valuables often have higher risks it is important to use a reliable secure transportation company. At Amalgamated Security we have decades of experience in handling international valuables transport and are the ideal partner in the valuables logistics sector. In conjunction with international partners we handle the worldwide movement of precious goods.

Our logistics specialists work with customers and partners to provide secure transport solutions that safely deliver your valuable cargo, whether that cargo is currency, jewels, credit cards or other valuables. Utilizing our fleet of armored trucks, backed by our insurance cover and supported by our extensive knowledge of local conditions we securely transport a wide range of international valuables.

We offer expert customs brokerage services that help ensure your valuables are properly classified and that the customs paperwork is properly completed and submitted in a manner that will ensure swift customs clearance. If as a result of holidays or the timing of flights, the valuables cannot be collected from or delivered to customers on the same day, Amalgamated Security has vault facilities for the secure storage of all valuables.

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