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Cash Management

Providers ofCash Management

Amalgamated Security Services Limited is the leading security services provider in Trinidad and Tobago and has over 10 years experience in the provision of GPS Tracking services, tracking thousands of units in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Grenada.

Small and medium-sized businesses are always looking for ways to decrease the risks and expenses associated with managing significant sums of cash. Amalgamated Security provides safe cash processing and cash management services that assist clients minimize both the risk and the expense associated with their cash processing and cash management operations.

Specifically, for companies, we offer deposit verification services in which we validate cash register receipts, route sales receipts, combine multiple location deposits, and record all of the information associated with each deposit, including the envelope number. We count and authenticate the money, coins, and checks before depositing the funds straight into your bank account and providing you with reports to compare to your records.

Cash Management

They are performed in a safe cash center facility that is secured by reinforced concrete walls, bullet resistant glass, access control and technological security protection. All actions are monitored and recorded by closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Using Amalgamated Security cash management services provides the following benefits:

Quick and accurate deposits into their bank account


Detailed location-based reports and consolidation of banking


Freeing up management resources so that they can devote more time to providing superior customer service.


Managers' time is freed up from having to recount cash, allowing them to devote more of their energy to creating value to the firm and boosting profitability.


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