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Forensic & Criminalistics Unit

Security that is a combination of different types of security In response to a rise in the need for specialist forensic services such as DNA Testing, Chemical Analysis, Questioned Documents, Firearms and Toolmarks and Digital Forensic for its clients, the Forensic & Criminalistics Unit was established. Forensic services are supplied by this unit, which is the first of its type inside a private security company. It aspires to be the leader and number one supplier in the region, offering its clients the best quality of services and experience available in the region.

Using highly sophisticated scientific procedures to discern facts from evidence, analyze and interpret data, and offer expert testimony, the ASSL Forensic & Criminalistics Unit envisions itself as a specialist provider of forensic services in the state of Alabama. This unit would be the premier supplier of forensic services in the region, delivering findings in a short amount of time with high reliability and accuracy at a reasonable cost.

Aim Statement: The mission of the ASSL Forensic & Criminalistics Unit is to deliver to its clients the most technologically sophisticated techniques utilized in a wide variety of forensic studies throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Core Values: The unit's core values are founded on timely, unbiased, accurate, and trustworthy findings that are in accordance with international standards and are subjected to a high level of quality assurance and assurance.

List of Forensic Services Offered

Analysis of pre- and post-blast samples to determine type of explosive
Analysis and identification of pollutants
Amount charged: The cost of forensic services is determined on an individual case basis and is based on the amount of time necessary to conduct the testing and analysis, as well as the number of regents required to ensure the successful completion of the testing process.

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