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Our Code Of Conduct


To ensure orderly operations and provide the best possible work environment, Amalgamated Security Services Limited expects employees to follow the rules of conduct that will protect the interests and safety of all employees and the organization.

We take very seriously any type of incompetence, misconduct or infraction by our security and administrative staff. Since it is not possible to list all the forms of unacceptable behavior in the workplace, we provide a list on the right some examples of infractions, do's & don'ts for security, firearm, and ambulance personnel.

  • Wear gloves at the head office unless required.
  • Provide ambulance services on a credited basis unless sanctioned by the ambulance Manager/designate.
  • Not accept personal cheques unless sanctioned by the Ambulance Manager/designate.
  • Accept gifts or tips directly from a customer. Such should be directed to Corporate Headquarters on the Employee's behalf.
  • Use the Ambulance vehicle to conduct personal business.
  • Move equipment from one unit to another without seeking permission from the Ambulance manager, Shift Supervisor or appointed designate.
  • Lend or borrow any ambulance equipment without approval from the ambulance Manager/Designate.
  • Leave the ambulance idling with air-conditioning unit operational.
  • Socialize or otherwise loiter in the back area (by the seaside) whilst of duty. (Applicable to employees working at Westshore.)
  • Borrow or attempt to borrow money from co-workers.• Use security access cards to access Head Office whist off-duty or on leave.
  • Swap shifts with co workers without prior approval from the ambulance manager/designate
  • Adorn the company uniform with additional paraphernalia [i.e. earphones, jackets, etc] whilst on or reporting for duty unless sanctioned by management. All personnel must be fully attired in company uniform whilst on duty.
  • Proceed on any time-off be it vacation, casual or sick without notifying the ambulance Coordinator, Shift Supervisor or designate in accordance with the [HR-003] Leave Provision
  • Disregard instructions of the ambulance manager/designate relative to ones duty roster.• Adhere to Archangel Ambulance Services Employee Handbook, reference use of warning devices.

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