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Amalgamated Security Services Limited is a certified firm headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago and serves public and private sector clients. We understand that our clients’ needs vary significantly and pride ourselves in our ability to listen, innovate and deliver tailored services and solutions that fit client requirements.

What sets Amalgamated Security Services Limited apart from the competition?

  • Our people
  • Security Industry Relationships
  • Strategic Mix of Military ,Security ,intelligence, Risk ,Business, and Police Backgrounds
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Our affordability
  • Our diversified experience
  • Our appetite towards Risk mitigation with tested solutions and constant innovation
  • Our work ethics
  • Training
  • Meeting and exceeding industrial gold standards
  • Our Accreditations and accolades
  • We can deliver on every service need a one stop shop
Intelligence & National Security
We collect information on crime related activities within the countries we operate through publicly available and national security sources. We synthesize the information to learn and apply the resulting insights at scale to our business operations.
Identify emerging threat trends

The raw data facts collected provides a vast repository of verified and validated intelligence that our analysts use to extrapolate trends and uncover emerging threat dynamics at national and transnational levels.

Modernization & Program Management Support

We work closely with customers and stakeholders to ensure we meet customer objectives, transform business security operations, and increase the security program effectiveness to ultimately reduce risk. Every security plan comes with challenges. Our team’s expertise, collaborative approach to planning and controls heads off most problems from the start and provides early warnings on the rest. We’re passionate about creating a sense of certainty from the outset—you can meet your objects with confidence, and without crisis.

We aim for continuous modernization and program management. What does this means? We do not end with the implementation of the security program and services. We employ a modernization mindset that incorporates ongoing operations and maintenance efforts. To this end, we shift the culture from once and done to including a planned refresh cycle periodically whether that’s annually, biennially, or another appropriate timeframe based on a client’s needs. This means checking in with the business to see if goals and objectives have changed and assessed whether the security program supporting that business is achieving desired outcomes. Setting a cadence for revisiting the security plan with stakeholders is key to continuous modernization.

Leveraging Technology Solutions

We leverage the use of smart technologies by reverting to the basics and formulating a security plan which incorporates new technologies and techniques that will help support our public spaces. It’s no surprise that risk mitigation options harness new technology designed to create a safer and more secure environment while balancing the facility’s functionality.

The function and level of security of each facility are dependent on the staff, physical characteristics and layout, the location, and the resources available. All of these factors play a critical role in determining what customized technological security solutions can be implemented.

Technology – such as advanced mass notification, social media scrapping, smart cameras or access control associated with facial recognition – allows the facility to leverage its security system to identify and alert the presence of a known, potentially dangerous individual prior to entrance. By utilizing technology to detect, proactively predict and respond to an incident, threat information could potentially be passed simultaneously between staff and local first responders.
Environmental Solutions
At Amalgamated Security Services Limited protecting the environment is integral to our operations. We systematically reduce any harmful effects we have on the environment by developing processes to lower energy, reduce waste and pollution, and mitigate the risk of emergency situations.
To ensure that all of our internal and external stakeholders understand our commitment to these responsibilities, we have configured a comprehensive Environmental Policy. Key points include:

  • We train and motivate our staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner, encouraging them to help us develop new ideas and initiatives
  • Our Environmental Management System promotes a culture of ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ across all of our operations
  • We minimize the use of paper wherever possible and recycle any waste paper
  • As our vehicle fleet is our largest producer of carbon emissions, we reduce our footprint by using dual fuel and low emission vehicles
  • Initiatives in place via which we reduce water and energy consumption at all our regional offices.

Our Environmental Policy

  • Ensures that all of our internal and external stakeholders understand our commitment to the environment and their responsibilities
  • Promotes a positive impact on the environment
  • States our ongoing commitment to continual sustainable improvement
  • Demonstrates consistent standards of sustainable practice across all our services

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