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Management of Correctional Facilities

Protect your businessManagement Of Correctional Facilities

Amalgamated Security Services has experience in the management of Correctional Facilities.

In December 1997 Amalgamated was awarded a contract by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to provide total management and related custodial and rehabilitative services at their local prison. This prison facility was the only prison in Antigua and so housed all categories of prisoners. The contract was for the total management of the prison and so it involved all activities, which included;

  • Securing the prisoners
  • Feeding the prisoners
  • Transporting prisoners to court
  • Escorting prisoners on outside work details

During the contract period, officers utilizing modern trends in the training and treatment of incarcerated persons reoriented the inmates. Inmates recognized what it meant to be humanely treated in a confined environment.
The Amalgamated Security team that operated the prison was composed of Officers, Security Personnel, Medical Staff and Welfare Officers. A later part of the contract was the development of local Antiguan citizens to manage the prison. ASSL was therefore involved in the recruiting and training of staff that had no previous experience in the supervision and control of incarcerated individuals. A training program was developed to suit the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda as they relate to their Prison System. The course, in addition to lectures in Prison duties consisted of lectures in First Aid, The Use of Firearms and Ammunition, Flag Etiquette, Basic Foot Drill, the Use of Force and Report and Statement Writing.

After four years of ASSL’s management, stability had returned to the facility and the contract came to an end on August 15, 2001. The management of the prison was handed back to local staff appointed by the Government of Antigua. The prison management contract was followed by a consulting contract that ran until 2003.



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