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Document Courier Services

Our ExpertiseDocument Courier Services

ASSL has for many years provided a document courier service to many institutions, through a combination of same day and next day services. We provide a secure, dedicated and confidential means of documents transportation. With our established reputation for promptness and reliability, we are able to recognize and surpass our clients' needs. Our professional support services constantly review and streamline our document courier network to ensure the fastest possible delivery of documents in a safe manner. We ensure that your blueprints, contracts, business letters and other important documentation get to their destination on time.

Our couriers are always attired in the company's uniform and are therefore easily identified. In addition, each employee has a company identification badge. Each courier is supplied with a trip sheet which identifies the specific customers for that day and their collection and delivery times. Records are maintained of each collection and delivery.

The vehicles used on our document courier service, carry our distinctive logo and are radio equipped, thus providing easy communication with our regional Control Rooms.
All our courier vehicles are equipped with the Intel-track Automatic Vehicle Location system. This system enables us to track all movements of the vehicles in real time. The system also has the capability to provide reports on the movements of the vehicles and real time alerts in the event that a vehicle has gone outside its designated area. The Intel-track system also gives the ability to send instantaneous panic signals in the event of a vehicle attack, with the precise location of the vehicle highlighted.

By outsourcing courier or delivery services to Amalgamated Security, companies can substantially reduce their vehicle maintenance and human

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