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Amalgamated Security Services Limited

Regional Company Recognition awards

For Public Law Enforcement

Our Awards ProgramRegional Recognition Awards

In recognising outstanding Police Officers in ACCP’s Member Forces/Services/Departments, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACC P) have initiated the ASSL/ACCP Regional Recognition Awards Programme.
On a yearly basis, this awards programme will recognize a total of three outstanding Police Officers from member countries of the ACCP, one officer per each of the three categories. The categories are as follows:
1. Top Caribbean Community Policing Officer
2. Top Caribbean Crime Fighter
3. Top Caribbean Career Move

The three successful Officers (one Officer for each category) will be recognised at the Annual General Meeting and Conference of the ACCP. Each will be awarded US$5,000.00 and an all-expense paid trip to the conference to receive the awards which include a trophy in addition to the US$5,000.00.

The first and second runner up in each category will be awarded a commendatory plaque to be received by the respective Commissioner(s) of Police on their behalf.

These awards are intended to recognise officers who by their efforts have contributed significantly to crime reduction, enhancing community relations (with law enforcement), improving general safety and security and have made an overall difference in their police force, communities and by extension nationally and regionally.

Key Elements of the Programme

• A panel of judges appointed by ACCP will select the winners of the programme.
• There will be three categories that individuals can be nominated for.
• The judging panel will accept one nomination per category per member country.
• All persons nominating candidates must use the official form provided on the websites: www.assl.com or www.accpoolice.org Nominations submitted in any other format and/or not matching the guidelines outlined in the nomination guidelines will not be acknowledged.
• Together with the nomination a full body picture of the nominee in official uniform must be submitted.
• The panel of judges will only look into activities/achievements within two years preceding an individual’s nomination. Activities/achievements dated back longer than two years will not be considered.
• The decision of the judges shall be final.
• The deadline for submission o0f nominations is the last day of February every year. Late submissions will not be considered.
• Winners in any of the categories (1st or 2nd or 3rd place) cannot be nominated for three consecutive years following their award.

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