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Being the only security company in the Caribbean to date to have won the Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services, Retail & Distribution in 1997, we have set ourselves the corporate goal of providing clients with top quality service at a reasonable cost. We rely on the following principles:

Employee Duty of Care
We aim to achieve our goals through our value added services and partnerships with leading companies globally.

Value-Added Services

When ASSL provides value-added services, our client and their partners control operating costs, improve their internal and external focus, free internal resources for other purposes and make capital funds available. By using ASSL, customers gain the advantages of:

  • A cost-effective approach to providing non-core services
  • Redeployment of internal resources
  • Reduced training costs
  • Reduced cost of turnover, improved retention
  • Ease of Administration - one point of contact for many services
  • Simplified billing - one bill for all services rendered
  • using one vendor instead of many reduces confidentiality issues
  • Standardized hiring practices
  • Benefit of ASSL core business innovations and best practices
  • Benefit of performance metrics based on client's expectations

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