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Space & Cyber

Space & Cyber

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of a company’s technology infrastructure. Amalgamated Security Services Limited utilizes the Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of deployed cybersecurity technologies, cybersecurity risk management policies, and processes utilized. This cybersecurity capability analysis can then be used to create an actionable improvement plan with regular refreshes to deal with new threats and to track your cybersecurity capability over time, evolving your practices to better protect your business.

The C2M2 Model comprises domains, objectives, practices, and MILs (maturity indicator levels). Each component is discussed in the following sections.


Each of the model’s 10 domains contains a structured set of cybersecurity practices. Each set of practices represents the activities an organization can perform to establish and mature capability in the domain. For example, the Risk Management domain is a group of practices that an organization can perform to establish and mature cyber risk management capability.


The practices within each domain are organized into objectives, which represent cybersecurity achievements that may be accomplished by implementing the practices in the domain. For example, the Risk Management domain comprises five objectives:

  • Establish and Maintain Cyber Risk Management Strategy and Program
  • Identify Cyber Risk
  • Analyze Cyber Risk
  • Respond to Cyber Risk
  • Management Activities


Practices are the most fundamental component of the C2M2. Each practice is a brief statement describing a cybersecurity activity that may be performed by an organization. The purpose of these activities is to achieve and sustain an appropriate level of cybersecurity, commensurate with the risk to critical infrastructure and organizational objectives. Practices within each domain are organized to progress along a maturity scale.

Maturity Indicator Levels (MILs)

To measure progression, the C2M2 uses a 1-3 scale of maturity indicator levels. Each level represents maturity attributes, which are described in the table below. Organizations that implement the cybersecurity practices within each MIL achieve that level.

Having measurable transition states between the levels enables an organization to use the scale to define current and a more mature future state; and identify the capabilities it must attain to reach that future state.

ASSL'S Cybersecurity Journey

Cybersecurity Procedure

Step 1

Gather accurate data from your IT environment

Step 2

Identify gaps in your cybersecurity capabilities

Step 3

Prioritize recommended

Step 4

Take action to create a more secure

Step 5

Manage and measure your cybersecurity protection progress

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