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Aviation & Autonomous Solutions

Aviation &
Autonomous Solutions

Amalgamated Security Services Limited provides a risk-driven security management plan to the aviation industry. Our program allows for aviation operators or Agents to streamline and optimize its routine security and emergency preparedness procedures. A main component of the security management plan is to conduct a risk assessment to understand the associated risks and what could go wrong and, if something does go wrong, how bad will it be and how likely is it to occur. While providing continuous training and retraining as our work environment changes with newly identifiable risks.
We evaluate the security residual risk to design and define the client’s security plan and response to an incident. We also develop concepts and solutions that drive innovation in passenger baggage screening to enhance passenger satisfaction, strengthen security and optimize airport security operations. Our subject matter experts work with airports and industry stakeholders on technology-driven security measures and process innovations that build airports’ capacity to address future security threats, aging airport infrastructure, evolving customer expectations, and increasing passenger and cargo traffic.

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