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With over a quarter-century of experience in the security industry, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) has earned an enviable reputation with respect to the quality and competency of our Guarding Services.

With a client base that includes major financial institutions, telecommunication providers, energy based industries, commercial, retail and educational institutions as well as being a major provider of security guarding services to the public sector, Amalgamated Security possesses the requisite expertise in providing quality guard services for your business, property or home.

Our range of guarding services includes:
We also offer a variety of uniform choices to suit the environment in which we work and which reflects respect, authority and professionalism, including:
  • Security    *Military    *Executive   *Business casual   *Outdoor wear   *Customized with property or client name
On the field, we ensure that our guarding services standard is maintained through frequent communication and site visits by supervisors. Additionally, our guarding service has support and continuous communication with our 24-hour command and control centre that has constant radio and telephone contact with all on-duty officers. Being in constant communication with our security officers at customer's location ensures that our staff and your locations are safe at all times. Our emergency Command and Control Centre operator can quickly dispatch supervisors, patrol vehicles and emergency services if required, to handle and situation which may arise.
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