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Whether it’s a multi-site operation or a small company needing one or two officers, ASSL knows the issues and responds.  Our decades of experience enable us to handle industrial security concerns like:


We recognize the importance that Occupational Health and Safety plays in today’s workplace, not only for employees of the customer but also for our employees working on customer sites. As a result part of our induction training for all security officers focuses on Occupational Safety and Health and in the preparation of Assignment Instructions safety and health issues are addressed.

Manufacturing Facilities usually involve perimeter protection and access control through the use of hardened portal access control stations, patrols (vehicle and foot), surveillance from alarm stations, armed response to an assessment of alarms, and engagement of adversaries under deadly force authorities and constraints. Our electronic security division has implemented security systems at many of the manufacturing facilities in Trinidad.

While the primary concern of a manufacturing facility will be the products that it manufactures, it also has a concern for the security of its information infrastructure. Information security  requires ensuring information is only read and used by people who have the right to do so and since many businesses are critically reliant on their information systems for key business processes Information Systems need to be secure if they are to be reliable. We work with companies to help them ensure that their information systems are secure.

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