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Amalgamated Security has significant experience in the provision of security services to the hotel industry, providing services to hotels across the Caribbean in Barbados, Grenada, St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. We provide international best practice with an understanding of Caribbean circumstances. To us, hotel security is successful when nothing out of the ordinary happens. We support the hospitality sector by:

Where we provide guarding services to hotels, we recognize that the provision of security services for the hotel industry has particular nuances and as such have developed a training program specific to the hotel industry and that training is given to guarding staff who will be working in a hotel, in addition to the basic security officer training.

We are determined to achieve the best results for our customers and that determination is underpinned by high ethical standards. We have a well developed customer satisfaction review process that allows the early identification of potential problems and follow-up to resolve those problems. We have highly responsive management teams, throughout the region, whose primary focus is on customer satisfaction and quality assurance and there is close integration between our regional offices so that support is quickly and readily available to each area.

We work with our hotel partners towards achieving an approach where Security is another guest service, but not one that is seen as an overhead, but as a value-adding service, which can be used to promote the hotel as a safe haven and secure environment.

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