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Over the years of its operation, Amalgamated has been involved through its Detainee Escort service in the safekeeping of persons who are denied entry to Trinidad and Tobago by the immigration authorities and must be detained by the carrier (airline or shipping line) until they can be returned to their point of origin. Under this service, Amalgamated is contracted by the airline or shipping line to keep the individual(s) in a specific location until the agent can make the arrangements for the return of the individual. Amalgamated is responsible for ensuring that the individual is kept at the specific location, is provided with adequate meals and is delivered to the agent for repatriation.

In providing this service ASSL would have to deal with all types of individuals, some may be medically unfit; others might be prone to violence or a high flight risk and so have to be restrained. In providing the Detainee Escort service, ASSL has never had an individual escape from its custody nor had any detainee injured.




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