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Business enterprises are constantly seeking to reduce the risk and costs that are attendant with the handling of large amounts of cash. Amalgamated Security provides secure cash processing and cash management services that helps customers reduce both the risk and the cost. For businesses we provide deposit verification services under which we verify cash register receipts, route sales receipts, consolidate multiple location deposits and capture all of the information with each deposit including envelope details. Amalgamated staff count and validate the currency, coins and cheques and then do the cash deposit directly to your Bank account plus provide you with reports to reconcile against your records.

These services are undertaken in a secure cash center facility that is protected by reinforced concrete walls, bullet resistant glass, access control and electronic security protection, with all activities recorded by CCTV.

Customers who use Amalgamated Security cash management services gain:

  • Fast and accurate deposits to their bank account
  • Detailed reporting by location
  • Consolidated banking
  • Freeing of management time to focus on providing superior customer experience.
  • Eliminating managers from having to recount cash and so increasing their time for adding value to the business and increasing profits.
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