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Amalgamated Security Cash in Transit operation provides secure and reliable transportation of money to/from any location in Trinidad and Tobago. Our services are tailored to suit the requirements of the customers, giving each customer the "peace of mind" of knowing that their money transport is being done in a secure fashion. Customers who use Amalgamated Security Cash in Transit services gain the benefit of:

  • Reducing their exposure to robberies and losses
  • Protecting their staff from potential attacks and harm
  • Collections and deliveries at their convenience
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums

Our Cash in Transit services are conducted by staff who are among the most experienced and trustworthy in the company. In addition to the extra background checking which these staff undergo, Amalgamated CIT staff are security professionals who have received specialized training for the demanding requirements of this service.

The armored trucks used by Amalgamated Security for money collection are the most sophisticated and secure in Trinidad and Tobago being designed to an international standard with the objective of being able to withstand attack. In addition the design of our armoured vehicles is intended to eliminate the visible exposure of all the cash thus reducing any potential loss. All our armored vehicles are constantly monitored via the GPS tracking devices installed in all our vehicles. With the Amalgamated Inteltrack GPS system, the location and whereabouts of customers' cash and valuables are monitored from the point of collection, in transit, thru to final delivery/destination.  In addition there is constant communication between each CIT vehicle and the Amalgamated Control Centre.

All valuable cargo transported by Amalgamated Security is covered by our insurance up to the individual customer’s contract limit.

In addition to collecting customer deposits, Amalgamated Security also provides the delivery of coin and currency in any amount, to single stores and for customers with multiple outlets.

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